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The General Aviation Terminal (GAT) opened in September 2011 and is publicly accessible. You don't have to pass any security control to get to our facility. We have our own parking lot right in front of the GAT and guests and passengers can be dropped at the main entrance comfortably.

The passport/customs checks as well as passenger and baggage screening are taken care of inside our facility. Following the security procedures passengers take a seat in our comfortable VIP-vans and are brought to their aircraft.

The terminal provides comfortable crew lounges with computers, printers, extendible armchairs and flatscreen tv. Your guests enjoy a large passenger lounge with relax-chair, flatscreen tv, snacks and beverages.

Large refrigerators provide space for cooling of up to 12 atlas containers, catering and drinks.

Your guests require a pick up at the aircraft with a private car? We are happy to organize the ramp access for you on arrival and departure. Vehicle, driver and passengers pass security control in our own car lane before we guide them to the aircraft's parking position with our own marshalling car. That ensures absolute discretion.

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