Mineral Oil Tax exemption

Please find the daily exemption form for Mineral oil tax by following this link. External link


European Business Aviation Association, Website
German Business Aviation Association, Website

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Additional Service

We have an own fuel release that provides you with fuel (Jet A1) at a competitive price. Your profit: Our current fuel price is often cheaper than the one of other providers and you don't need a contract or carnet. After refueling we can add the total amount of fuel plus the General Aviation fee (a one time fee of 60 Euro) and Hook Up Fee (a one time fee of 30 Euro for overwing fueling only) on our total invoice. So you receive just one single invoice for landing fees, handling, all additional services and fuel.

If you are a commercial airline we assist you with the mineral oil tax exemption. For commercial aircraft (AOC on board is mandatory) with a mtow of less than 12 tons we setup a one time mineral oil tax exemption for you that will be stamped by customs. If your aircraft has a mtow of more than 12 tons it is sufficient to show the AOC to the fueler.

If you are interested in a permanent mineral oil tax exemption we are happy to help you with that. Please contact us for further details.